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     Back in January of 2015 I was given a really unique custom order from a friend. He asked me to create a "Steam Punk Letter Carrier Uniform." 

He had a few requirements. 
1. It had to fit a 2 year old.
2. It had to be completely wearable (not just a costume)
3. It had to last
4. It had to be USPS-reminiscent but not a match. 

I did a bunch of research and came up with very little on this concept. I used my imagination crossed with popular Steam Punk styles and here we are. 

​Button down shirt, Vest, Slacks with Suspenders, Over coat, Hat, Reclaimed Leather Satchel with felt mail inside!

What do you think? 

<![CDATA[Eat The Mommy at the Urban Vintage Bazaar on October 24, 2015]]>Thu, 29 Oct 2015 02:49:30 GMThttp://www.eatthemommy.com/blog/eat-the-mommy-at-the-urban-vintage-bazaar-on-october-24-2015Picture
This was our booth this past Saturday at the Urban Vintage Bazaar! We were set up outside at the Arcade in downtown Providence from 10am until 4pm on  October 24th. We were in great company alongside some of Providence's best Vintage suppliers.  

        People came out in droves to scour for vintage finds and get a jump on their holiday shopping.

​ Eat The Mommy was fully  stocked debuting our newest Fall/Winter line of coats, pull overs, dolls and bibs.

Please refer to our Who We Are page for a full listing of upcoming shows.


<![CDATA[Aprons for Charity and Beyond!]]>Tue, 19 Feb 2013 23:00:06 GMThttp://www.eatthemommy.com/blog/aprons-for-charity-and-beyondPicture
My sister recently contacted me about donating something to an upcoming charity auction in Farmington, Connecticut. She never told me what she wanted so all the while I assumed I would donate some baby clothes from my vast collection of hand made stuff. Little did I know she had something else in mind for this event. She ended up asking me for two adult aprons for the auction.
I said "Sure! But I don't have any made. When do you need them for?"
She said, "I am going back to Connecticut tomorrow, can I have them then?"
I said "Uh Oh!" as it was 10pm the night before she had to go.
So what did I do?
I made them first thing the next morning. But by then my sister had already left. I sent them to her via first class mail and she is hoping to receive them by Friday. Do you think she will like them?

This fabric was donated to me a year or two ago and I never could figure out what I could make out of it that would do the pattern justice. I am glad I gave it time to sink in to my fabric collection because when the apron request came, I realized I had the perfect pattern in my collection!
I originally thought I was going to put the white floral band on the other apron and the yellow butterfly band on this apron. At the last second I switched them and TADA!! It worked out great!
Don't Forget:
I regularly bring new and exciting adult free-size aprons to Fertile Underground Grocery to sell in their store. Go there and check them out!
If you do not see an apron you like you can always contact me at eatthemommy@gmail.com to place a custom order.
Tell me colors you like and fabrics you love and I will make you one.

<![CDATA[Some things I made and who I made them for...]]>Mon, 18 Feb 2013 17:10:06 GMThttp://www.eatthemommy.com/blog/some-things-i-made-and-who-i-made-them-for
My relationship with Fertile Underground Grocery in the West End of Providence, RI started in 2012. I made these re-useable bulk bags for their dried goods. We mostly just wanted to see if it could be done. Some are still available at the store in super fun patterns!
This year Fertile Underground Grocery and Hope Returns both started carrying our cloth diapers and herb-infused organic diaper soak. These items will soon be available at eatthemommy.com as well!
Cloth diapers in progress. They will be available in three sizes: Infant, Baby, and Toddler or 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18 months-3 years.
I am currently working on a new project for Fertile Underground Grocery. Pads for the chairs in their cafe. They are being made from donated upholstery fabric and will be filled with dried grains. This way we aren't using plastic materials that will end up in land fills and leech chemicals. No poly-fill here.